Emma and Merlin grab their fair share of first places at Balmoral Park

Emma Burns and her pony Merlin grabbed a share of four first place finishes last week.

They tied for the trophy in the 40cm and 50cm classes at Balmoral Park on Sunday and did the same in the Cross Poles on Friday.

Full results from the recent Mossvale events are as follows:

Results of Pony jumping on Friday 11 April

Cross Poles

1st= Rocket, Chloe Agnew drew the trophy; Rusty, Chloe Agnew; Special; Molly, Eva Sloan.

40cm 1st= Molly, Eva Sloan drew the trophy; Merlin, Emma Burns; Barney Bubbles, David Gibson; Toby, Robert Russell.

50cm 1st= Lynch, Lewis Orr drew the trophy; Teddy, Chloe McMullan; Toby, Robert Russell.

60cm 1st= Humbug, Hannah Orr drew the trophy; Twinkle, Annie Gibson; Teddy, Chloe McMullan.

70cm 1st= Star, Zara Burns drew the trophy; Twinkle, Annie Gibson; Teddy, Chloe McMullan.

Results from show jumping at Balmoral Park on Sunday 13 April


40cm 1st= Merlin, Emma Burns; Toby, Robert Russell; Misty, Adam Adair; Goldie, Holly Carvill.

50cm 1st= Merlin, Emma Burns; Teddy, Chloe McMullan; Grey Sapphire, Emma Gillespie.

60cm 1st=Princess Judy, Ella Heron; Bonny, Andrew Robinson; Grey Sapphire, Emma Gillespie.

65cm 1st Roxy, Ciara Cunningham; 2nd Puzzle Megan Nelson; 3rd Tootsie, Lara Kelly; 4th Courtway Alisha, Alfie Adair; 5th Princess Judy, Ella Heron; 6th One More, Poppy Moore.

70cm 1st= Archie, Edmund Whiteside; Bonny, Andrew Robinson; Dale, Sophie Lister Tinsley; Milikio, Jessica Davidson; Roxy, Ciara Cunningham.

75cm 1st Haze, Charlie Hanna; 2nd Rocky, James Russell; 3rd Tucker, Jessica Nelson; 4th Harry, Zoe Gilliland; 5th Little Miss Trouble, Simone Leathem; 6th Harvest Mouse, Joanna Emes.

80cm 1st= Biscuit, Alex McCourt; Lisnavaragh Lulu, Hannah Chambers; Lord Gregory, Noah Brown; Danny, Natasha Patterson; Little Miss Trouble, Simone Leathem; Bugsy, Angela McAufield.

85cm 1st Haze, Charlie Hanna; 2nd Rocky, James Russell; 3rd Artic Poppy, Wendy Anderson; 4th Lisnavaragh Lulu, Hannah Chambers; 5th Pepper Joe, Joanna Emes; 6th Another Chance, Kerry Magill.

90cm 1st= Artic Poppy, Wendy Anderson; Lisnavaragh Lady, Gemma Chambers; Jasper, Hannah Agnew; Flap Jack Flyer, Kerry Magill.

95cm 1st Alfie, Robyn McCluskey; 2nd Lissnavavagh Lady, Gemma Chambers; 3rd Artic Poppy, Wendy Anderson.


70cm 1st= Minto, Katie-Lee Houston; Holly, Linda McKeown; Katie, Adell McClelland; Olly, Linda McKeown.

80cm 1st Loughview Clover, Tracey Lockart; 2nd Juno, Gemma McMullan; 3rd Mullinetine Forest Flight, Grannia McKeown; 4th Tiffcrum Fella, Rachel Baird; 5th Elvis, Jonny Mulligan; 6th Ardnacashal Autumn, Rachel Rooney.

90cm 1st Jessie Jay, Britany McAfee; 2nd Cherry, Kirsten Patterson; 3rd Oscar, Jonny Mulligan; 4th Loughview Clover Jones, Tracey Lockart; 5th Homer, Ruth Baird; 6th Hail The Clover, Britanny McAfee.

1m 1st War Lady, Tiernan O’Hare; 2nd Katriona, Catherine Robinson; 3rd Hail The Clover, Britany McAfee; 4th Danske Coevers Lass, Nicki Cullan; 5th Fifi, Emma Sloan; 6th Levis, Judith Horner.

1-10m 1st Mini, Suzanne Posnett; 2nd Drissa, Rory Lavery; 3rd Annie, Katie Parker; 4th Uno, Angela Percy; 5th Zinidine, Elizabeth Irvine; 6th Euro Jackpot, Daniel Brown.

1-20m 1st Cornascriebe Cava Diamond, Carol Armstrong; 2nd Lilly, Yvonne Whiteside; 3rd Derek, Yvonne Witeside.

Results of Pony jumping held on Friday 18 April

Cross Poles

1st= Roro, Zara McConnell drew the trophy; Popcorn, Rosey Heron; Rocket, Chloe Agnew; Special; Rusty, Chloe Agnew.

40cm 1st= Merlin, Emma Burns drew the trophy; Molly, Eva Sloan; Special; Taz, Julia Heron.

50cm 1st= Merlin, Emma Burns drew the trophy; Taz, Julia Heron.

60cm 1st Humbug, Hannah Orr won the trophy.

70cm 1st Archie, Edmund Whiteside.

What’s On

Friday 25th Pony jumping @ 7pm

Monday 18th Horse and Pony jumping @ 7pm