Emphatic win for West Down

WEST Down Ladies travelled to Kircubbin on Saturday to play North Down and came away with an emphatic win.

North Down 50-74 West Down

Rink 1: R.Graham, G.Reid, G.Campbell, E.Hastings 6-10 M.Adair, L.Purnell, P.Martin, H.Steenson; Rink 2: E.Dornan, J.Coffey, G.Blair, M.Gaw 9-11 A.Anderson, J.Black, V.Leckey, A.Cannaway; Rink 3: S.Ross, V.Nesbitt, N.Burns, J.Hollinger 5-19 C.Ogle, E.Kennedy, L.Aiken, E.Robb; Rink 4: K.Cathcart, W.Dornan, M.McClean, M.Young 4-19 N.Kinnin, A.Stevenson, S.Smith, A.Polin; Rink 5: V.Reilly, A.McKee, M.Beattie, P.Telford 21-4 P.Hayes, E.Dickson, O.McKnight, S.Dunn; Rink 6: L.Ferris, M.Palmer, M.Breen, H.Cavan 5-11 A.Magee, J.Nesbitt, M.Gamble, B.Conlon.

The ladies will play their semi-final on Saturday January 5 2013 against Armagh.

- The National Championships took place last week in the new Giford Community centre. After some excellent bowling the following people made it through to finals night which will be held on Friday January 18.

The West Down committee would like to thank the staff of the centre for all the assistance they gave to help to make the championships run smoothly.

The National singles Section A - P.Convery (St.Colman’s) defeated L.Magennis (St.Joseph’s) and he will meet AR Johnston (St.Patrick’s) in the final who defeated N.Garvey (St.John’s).

Section B - C.Dillon (St.Joseph’s) defeated A.Magee (St.John’s) in the semi-final and he will play T.McCartan (St.Colman’s) who defeated L.McCracken (A.S.Tullylish) in the semi-final.

Section C - S.Kidd (Loughbrickland Pres) defeated K.McBride (Annaclone Pres) in the semi-final and he will play P.Moore (St.Colman’s) who defeated R.Kidd (Scarva.Pres) in the other semi-final

The National Pairs Section A - K.McBride (Annaclone Pres) defeated D.Scott (Garvaghy Pres) in the semi-final and he will play S.Black (A.S.Tullylish) in the final who defeated K.Smith (Magherally).

The National Pairs Section B - J.Wilson (A.S.Tullylish) defeated W.Kinnin (Scarva.St) in the semi-final and he will play D.Malcolmson (Ballydougan) who defeated P.Moore (St.Colman’s) in the other semi-final.

The National Triples Section A - In this section C.Dillon (St.Joseph’s) reached the final where he will play either E.Campbell or J.Wilson (A.S.Tullylish) who have yet to play the other semi-final.

The National Fours - The Fours final will feature J.Wilson (A.S.Tullylish) against A.R.Johnston (St.Patrick’s).

Ladies Singles - The ladies singles final will be between A.Magee (St.John’s) and P.Martin (Magherally). In the semi-final Ann defeated P.Linden (St.Joseph’s) and Patricia defeated A.Cannaway (AS Tullylish).

Ladies Triples - The ladies triples final will feature A.Cannaway (AS Tullylish) against A.Polin (St.John’s). In the semi-final Angela defeated P.Hayes (St.Patrick’s) and Ann defeated C.McDermott (Ballyvarley).