Amateurs’ player profile - Alexander McCartan

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Name- Alexander McCartan

Age- 21

Nick Name-Hector

Position-Versatile, Master of none

Describe Yourself As A Footballer-Indescribable

Reasons For Playing For DAFC-Support local town and team

Favourite Team-Man Utd

Favourite Team Player -Robin Van Persie

Favourite All Time Player-Cristiano Ronaldo

Favourite Movie-Man About A Dog

Favourite Band-Elastic

Favourite Food-Chinese

Which Dafc Player Is??

Smartest-Andy Henderson

Funniest-Russell Ward

Angriest-Steven Haslem

Best Looking-Myself

Best Dress Sense-Stuart Curran

Worst Dress Sense- Thomas Martin (Pencil)

Best Trainer-Steven Haslem

Worst Trainer-Neil Curran

Longest In The Shower- Andy Henderson

Coaches Pet-Thomas Martin (Pencil)

Tell us your favourite joke-Matty Rowan saying he is sitting in on a Saturday night

If you were stuck on a desert island and you could have 3 things what would they be- A Phone, bottle of wine and a toilet roll

A footballer you would invite for dinner-David Beckham

If you won the lottery what’s the first thing you would buy-A One way ticket out of the town.