Dromara Village celebrates 40th anniversary with dinner

Dromara Village FC committee members.
Dromara Village FC committee members.

Dromara Village celebrated their 40th anniversary on Saturday night and what a night it was as with close to 200 in attendance helping make the night a huge success.

The club would like to say a big thank you to everyone who attended the night night as we had Founder members and players from our first ever team in and they were joined by players from a number of different eras right through to our current crop of players.

A special mention for Billy McClaren who made the trip over from his native Scotland and also to some of our guests who came over from Manchester.

The club also expressed a big thank you to compare for the evening Philip Gregg who certainly entertained us with his quick wit and jokes.

The question and answer session he conducted with Clifford Adams (first chairman and captain) Rab Sloane (founder member and former chairman) Paddy Doyle (founding member and former manager), Peter Bustard (steel and sons captain) and Jim Watson (current youth team coach and groundsman) was ‘very interesting and entertaining as we learnt about how the club was started and what our club is all about along with some old and funny stories’.

Club stalwart Basil ‘Zico’ Ervine was recognised for his contribution to DVFC throughout the years and this got a loud ovation from the crowd

The club would like to thank Gillian Owens and the two johns for all the time and effort put into the organising of the event and the milbrook was certainly looking the part.

And finally a big thank you went to everyone who has in some way big or small played their part in the success of Dromara Village FC.

A spokesperson said: “We are the true cross community club and we have had some amazing highs along with some lows but we are still going strong and by keeping the same ethos we will enjoy many more successes.”