Town’s cause for optimistic despite license rejection

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Banbridge Town’s chairman says the club have cause for optimism despite being refused a Championship License for next season.

The club submitted an application for the license that would enable them to play second tier football.

With no prospect of that happening on the pitch next season anyway, the refusal has little bearing on the club’s future.

On the contrary, as chairman Dominic Downey explains, the feedback the club received gives a bright outlook.

“We knew we were going to fail on one criteria, “ said Downey.

“That is the fact that Ryan (Watson - manager) doesn’t have a UEFA B License.

“We decided to submit an application anyway to test everything else. We passed on all other aspects and received feedback that it was one of the best applications that the IFA received. That means we should be able to achieve the license next year.

“There has been a lot of hard work put in by club secretary Wylie Dickson and vice-president John McGuinness, along with treasurer John Houston.”

Now it’s up to the team to cement its NIFL future on the pitch on Saturday afternoon.