Tuda ‘comes into his own’ amid the penalty pressure

Tuda Murphy in action for Banbridge Town. INBL1537-281PB
Tuda Murphy in action for Banbridge Town. INBL1537-281PB

Banbridge Town manager Ryan Watson has heaped praise upon hero goalkeeper Tuda Murphy.

After the former Cayman Islands international stopped four penalty kicks, his boss was understandably delighted and hailed his influence on Town’s results.

“When it went to penalties, I had a good feeling because I thought we had good takers and I knew we had the added bonus of Tuda,” said Watson.

“I knew that he is very hard to beat in that situation.

“That’s when he really comes into his own and so it proved.

“One of the saves in particular was stunning. He was going the wrong way and still managed to claw it up over the bar.

“He made a good save right at the death in normal time too. They were pushing hard and he came to the rescue. We know what he is capable of and he has been doing really well.

“He’s enjoying his football and we’re really glad to have him. He brings that bit of extra experience.

“Stephen Croft and Tuda are really bouncing off each other and are creating great competition, which keepers need.

“They know they have to be on their game.”