Almost a clean sweep for the Colins

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This was the closest finish to the Sunday Sweep this season.

The first three players all had the same score and, even with countback, it was difficult to separate them.

1st- Kenny Arlow (13) Nett 31.5.

2nd- Robbie Haire (17) Nett 31.5.

3rd- Alex Clarke (13) Nett 31.5.


The winter course is much shorter and teeing-up eliminates all bad lies.

Even so, scoring is not all that easy. Colin McDonald played the 11 holes in level par. That is a fantastic achievement for a 16 handicapper.

1st- Colin McDonald (16) 32 pts

2nd- Albert Morrison (21) 31 pts

3rd- Bobby Geddis (13) 29 pts


To score 30 points or better for the 11 holes of the winter course is no mean performance.

The only golfer to reach the magical score this time was Colin McKinney.

Winner: Colin McKinney (19) 30 pts

Runner-up: Robert Canning (19) 28 pts

Low Section (0-12): 1st- Philip Mallon (10) 28 pts

2nd- Mel Hylands (11) 27 pts

Middle Section (13-17): 1st- John Poots (17) 28 pts

2nd- John Redpath (14) 27 pts

High Section (18+): 1st- Albert Morrison (21) 27 pts

2nd- Clifford Thompson (18) 26 pts

Best Senior: Eamon Galloway (18) 26 pts

Best Gross: Eugene Weir (5) 24 gross points (-2)


Colin Smylie has just won the Sunday Sweep for the third time this season.

The only other player to achieve this feat is Robert Haire. Philip Strong went home a happy man as he pocketed a sizeable twos pot.

1st- Colin Smylie (19) Nett 30.5.

2nd- Eugene Weir (5) Nett 32.5.

3rd- Paul Faulkner (15) Nett 33.5.