Banbridge Academy U15s draw but U13s record comfortable win

Hockey update
Hockey update

Banbridge Academy U15s drew 1-1 against Cookstown.

With roughly ten minutes remaining Lewis Bingham sprinted down the line, cut into the middle of the pitch, penetrated top D and swept the ball into the bottom corner of the net.

Cookstown then attacked the Bann 25 with fierce determination and won several penalty corners. Eventually the ball was smashed bottom left and the score was levelled. Banbridge then tried to regain their lead on the game with Shimmons taking a few chances but the ball never found the net.

Banbridge Academy U13s 3-0 Cookstown

The first goal came 10 minutes into the match with Lewis Groves running along right midfield with a cross to Chris Curry who took it around the Cookstown keeper with a reverse slap to the middle of the goal.

Good passing work from Jamie McArdle, Josh Gibson and Christian Fee led to Edward Rowe dribbling the pitch to end the run with a reverse through the keeper’s legs. 2-0.

Edward Rowe took the ball around two defenders with an outrageous reverse and smashed into the top corner to complete the scoring.