Banbridge Junior Cowdy Cup team fall to defeat at hands of Clones GC

Team Captain Colin Smyile.
Team Captain Colin Smyile.

The Banbridge Junior Cowdy Cup team are out of the competition.

They lost in round one against Clones Golf Club.

Dominic Quinn partnered James Bryson to win in the home leg.

Dominic Quinn partnered James Bryson to win in the home leg.

In the first leg away, Banbridge managed to get one and a half points out of four.

Billy Clarke and Johnny McKinstry won their game. Darren Barker and Brian Knox got a half.

Sean McGreevey and Victor McNeill lost, as did James Bryson and Gerry Blevins.

Banbridge played the second leg at home last Saturday.

Team captain, Colin Smylie, was confident that his team could get the three points they needed for victory.

Things just did not go according to plan.

Dominic Quinn and James Bryson won 3 and 2. That was a good opener.

But then things went awry.

Sean McGreevey and Gerry Blevins, two of the most experienced Junior Cowdy players in the world, lost by 2 holes down.

Billy Clarke and Johnny McKinstry, the heroes of the game at Clones, somehow contrived to lose by 2 and 1.

That was it all over. Clones had won. Colin Smylie and Darren Barker were ahead in the final game when they were called in.

It was a sad result for Banbridge.

They had done the hard work away from home but they failed to capitalise.

Clones were well chuffed and who can blame them?