‘Brain explosions’ cost Bann the game

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Banbridge coach Daniel Soper says ‘brain explosions’ cost his side the game in Galway.

At 5-3 ahead minutes before the break, all was going to plan. Then disaster struck.

“The five minute period before half time was when it got away from us,” he conceded.

“We had been excellent in the first 30 minutes. The conditions were pretty poor. There was a storm coming through with high winds and showers. It was difficult but for 35 minutes, we played very, very well.

“They kicked a penalty from the half-way line and after that, we did so well and managed to get a score to take the lead.

“Then in the last few minutes, we had a couple of brain explosions and made a couple of errors to give them the advantage. They kicked a penalty and from the restart, they were straight back on top and scored. So from 5-3 up going into half-time, we were 11-3.

“It gave them that bit of momentum and belief. That window of the game was the most disappointing aspect.
“Then in the second half we had a bad ten minutes, where they scored two tries into the wind. We were well behind them at 21-5 behind but we got a score and had chances for more.

“Corinthians played good rugby a, we fell off a few tackles and that together with some poor kicking made it difficult for us to get back into the game. At the end of the day we simply made too many errors and we didn’t cope with the conditions as well as they did,” concluded the boss.