Carl Frampton fires Windsor warning shot to Luke Jackson

Promoter Frank Warren (centre) with Luke Jackson (left) and Carl Frampton ahead of thier Windsor Park showdown.
Promoter Frank Warren (centre) with Luke Jackson (left) and Carl Frampton ahead of thier Windsor Park showdown.

Carl Frampton has warned Luke Jackson to expect a warm reception at Windsor Park at August 18.

The Australian challenges ‘The Jackal’ for the WBO Interim Featherweight World title at the Belfast venue and Jackson has upped the ante by starting a war of words on social media before the two meet.

Statements like ‘looks overweight’ and ‘sluggish’ have been used by Jackson but Frampton just smiled when asked about the comments at an open press session in Manchester yesterday.

“There’s no grudge,” explained Frampton, “It feels like he has to talk up a fight to sell it and he doesn’t. He’s said a few things that have got under my skin but that’s it. It’s hardly a grudge match, they’ve been minor.”

Jackson also slated Frampton for underestimating him but Frampton says the Australian is in for a surprise if he believes that.

“I think he wants to believe that but I don’t know if he really does. Maybe he’s telling himself that but I’m not taking him for granted. I saw Josh Warrington saying I was but what would he know?

“He hasn’t been in my camp, so what does he know? I’m not taking Luke Jackson for granted in the slightest.

“I’ve done that before against Alejandro Gonzalez and I ended up on my backside twice in the first round. I’ve learned from that fight.

“I believe I’m a better fighter than Luke Jackson, I’ve fought at a higher level.

“I believe I’m better than him but I’ve trained hard for the fight, I’m sparring well in the gym – we’ve got good sparring in – and I’ve been pushing myself to the limit.

“He needs to get it out of his head that I’m overlooking him. It’s because it’s at Windsor and the fights that come after it as well.

“I want to be world champion again. If I lose this fight my career is over, that’s the truth, but I’m not intending to lose it.

“I want the big fights and I want bigger names than Luke Jackson – Leo Santa Cruz, Oscar Valdez, Josh Warrington.

“These are the guys that I want. These are the guys that I’m talking about but I need to get past Jackson first and I intend to do that.”