Dromara CC out in force for the West Down GP in Katesbridge

Nathan Mullan leading the breakaway with Matthew Armstrong
Nathan Mullan leading the breakaway with Matthew Armstrong

Dromara CC road racers turned out in force for the West Down GP which started in Katesbridge.

The A4 race saw young Ward and Robert McDonald battle it out over the 4 laps.

In the Masters Race Trevor Wright and Ivan Bradford carried the flag for Dromara CC and both finished in the top 10 in a very tough race.

In the main race of the day Nathan Mullan, Matthew Armstrong, David Dickson, Jack Ferguson, Ronnie Smyth, Chris & Gavin Magowan took to the start line in a talented field of riders.

The race took a while to get going with Nathan testing out the group with a few attacks. Davy Dickson had a dig and got away with a group for about half a lap but the group didnt let them get too far before bringing them back.

The final break of the day say Matthew Armstrong get away with five others and was joined by Nathan Mullan after Team DCC gave everything to get Nathan across.

The group rode together to increase the gap to over a minute but at the start of Rathriland hill the attacks started.

Nathan and three others were able to split the group up the hill and started working together over the descent but on the run to home the cat and mouse started.

It came to a bunch sprint between the final four with Nathan snatching third. This gave him enough points to get an upgrade to A1 to join the big hitters.

Matthew came over the line to take a superb sixth.

On Sunday the Emyvale GP took place with Stephen Irvine and Ronnie Smyth taking part.

Stephen was involved in an crash in the group and said he will be standing this week rather than sitting down.