It’s a close Col but Kennedy and McDonald both take wins

Sunday Sweep winner Colin Kennedy.
Sunday Sweep winner Colin Kennedy.

The drive for first prize in any competition is usually a closely run race.

That was no different for Colin Kennedy, who won the Sunday Sweep by only half a shot.

Winning can also become a habit, as Merton McDowell and Colin McDonald proved later in the week.


Colin Kennedy played the nine holes in the Sunday Sweep in only one over par gross and took first prize.

Colin needed to play well as he had only half a point to spare against Gordon Haire.

Kenny Arlow, the winner of the Captain’s Prize, is still in a rich vein of form. He was the only player to get a two in this sweep and he was richly rewarded.

1st- Colin Kennedy (12) Nett 31

2nd- Gordon Haire (7) Nett 31.5.

3rd- John Hanna (14) Nett 32


Merton McDowell is slowly but surely being recognised as a genuinely talented golfer.

He has worked hard on his game in recent years and it is now beginning to pay dividends.

He won this 14 holes sweep by three clear shots. And, to cap it all, he had the only two on the day. His Pro Shop account is now looking very healthy.

1st- Merton McDowell (20) 36 pts

2nd- Clifferd Thompson (18) 33 pts

3rd- Philip Strong (21) 32 pts


Colin McDonald has been in tremendous form this year so far.

He shot a nett 61 on Professional’s Day and he had 44 points in the Bill McMaster Memorial.

He has been runner-up twice in the Thursday Sweep and once in the Sunday Sweep. This is the second time that he has won the Thursday Sweep. That’s some record!

There are plenty of players who have entered every competition and they have won nothing yet.

1st- Colin McDonald (15) 34 pts

2nd- Joe Glass (14) 33 pts