Magherally leapfrog St Colman’s

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Magherally moved above St Colman’s in the West Down Rosehip Bakery Indoor Bowling League table with a 12 point win.


Magherally 40

St Colman’s 28

Rink 1 J McBride, H Martin, A Ingram, I McBride 11 -V- H Funes, E Gorman, T McCartan, N Quinn 5

Rink 2 M Adair, C Henry, N Craig, K Smith 10 -V- F O’Dowd, L McEvoy, C Wilson, P Tumilty 8

Rink 3 W Montgomery, E Steele, D McAuley, J Martin 11 -V- Chloe Wilson, H Convery, B Wilson, C McCartan 10

Rink 4 A Anderson, J Kirk, P Martin, L Martin 8 -V- C Owens, D Funnell, M Wilson, G Crothers 5

All Saints charge on

All Saints 47

Holm Park 24

Rink 1 N McAuley, H Hylands, J Gray, DJ Wilson 10 -V- C Ogle, L Aiken, N Shaw, SG Malcomson 6

Rink 2 A Burrell, V Leckey, A Cannaway, J Wilson 15 -V- T Sudlow, K Aiken, W Clinghan, J McKenny 6

Rink 3 J Black, T Gray, S Black, E Campbell 14 –V- S Harrison, S Smith, T Smith, C Sherwin 7

Rink 4 M McAdam, R Bolton, D Bowman, R Martin 8 -V- M Dawson, G Dawson, A Malcomson, S McCartney 5


Annaclone 39

Ballyvarley 39

Rink 1 V Mulholland, M McNeill, M McAvoy, J McConville 18 -V- V Stewart, J Stewart, PJ Johnston, M McGrath 6

Rink 2 D McArdle, PJ McClory, P Pyres, M Wallace 4 -V- L Byrne, D Lennon, A Donald, G O’Neill 14

Rink 3 H McAvoy, B Mulholland, J Higgins 5 -V- B Donald, M Burns, G McAvoy, K O’Neill 7

Rink 4 J McNeill, S McNeill, P McKernan, C McAvoy 12 -V- R MGivern, V Smith, G McGrath, S McGivern 12


IIBA fee, West Down Zone fee and capitation monies are now well overdue.

A letter is on its way to clubs whose fees are still outstanding.