McKitterick at the double for five star Dromore

Dromore First team on their way to Londonderry/Derry at the weekend.
Dromore First team on their way to Londonderry/Derry at the weekend.

Dromore Firsts took the trip up to Londonderry/Derry to play Priorians, in the hope of continuing their winning streak.

Dromore took their time settling into the game, but after just 10 minutes, Rachel Morrow took a long corner and saw a gap in the circle, took the ball on reverse sliding it into the right corner past the keeper.

Priorians didn’t take long to get their heads back in the game, scoring from the top of the circle, making it 1-1.

Dromore keeper Danni Hopkins kept Priorians from taking the lead with several glorious saves while defenders Louise McKitterick and Sarah Wilson were clearing the ball well to the midfield.

Dromore managed to get a cheeky deflection from Emma Wilson reverse striking and Gemma McKitterick placed the ball between the keepers legs.

Half time arrived with Dromore having a 2-1 lead.

Priorians came out strong putting the Dromore defence under pressure, however, after much hassling Emma Wilson added to Dromore’s lead with a deflection past Priorians keeper.

Then, Dromore’s Anna Martin managed to win a penalty corner, with a slip to the right post and Gemma McKittrick grabbed another goal for Dromore.

Priorians didn’t give up, playing 2x1s against Dromore defence, although Chelsey Whan and Tara Malcolmson cleared the ball well from the back.

Dromore’s forwards were making great runs to the by-line, where Ana Clarke attacked the ball, making Priorian defence work hard.

Dromore won another penalty comer, with Priorians keeper making a great save from Rachel Morrow’s strike.

The keeper kicked the ball out but it went straight to Dromores left midfield, Amy Forsythe, who hit the ball into the goal.

There was great all round play from Dromore and all players fought until the end.

The final score saw Dromore run out easy 5-1 winners.

The Player of the match award was shared by Danni Hopkins & Amy Forsythe.

Dromore Hockey Club would like to say thanks to Dromore Dental for their continuous support.