Philip Strong wins the PIGS President’s Day


The PIGS golf society at Banbridge Golf Club held their President’s Day last Thursday at Portadown Golf Club.

Everyone was delighted that the President, Harry McMeekin, was fit enough to attend.

The winner of the President’s Trophy was Philip Strong with 37 points.

John Poots was runner-up with 36 points and Dennis Livingstone was third with 35 points.

Everyone enjoyed the “day out”, none more so than Harry McMeekin himself.

Sweep Results

Monday 24th August

Sam Wilkinson is a keen supporter of the weekly sweeps and it’s nice to see him taking the top prize. He finished three points ahead of the great Merton McDowell and that is no mean achievement.

1st- Sam Wilkinson (25) 32 points.

2nd- Merton McDowell (21) 29 points.

Wednesday 26th


Before they all go back to school, the juveniles played for prizes generously presented by the club president, Felix Duffy.

Jack McKerr and Rory McNiff were the two section winners but the young man with the biggest smile was Callum Barnes.

His gross 72 included the only “2” of the day and he lifted a large holiday rollover.

White Blocks: 1st- Jack McKerr (11) 39 points.

2nd- Callum Barnes (5) 38 points.

Yellow Blocks: 1st- Rory McNiff (20) 40 points.

2nd- Conor Weir (25) 35 points.