Sheree’s a proud President on a ‘big day’ for the town

The Banbridge lads begin the celebrations at UCD!
The Banbridge lads begin the celebrations at UCD!

Sherree Totton was a proud President on Sunday evening after watching her boys lift the Irish Senior Cup.

After taking over as the first female President of Banbridge Hockey Club, Sheree has overseen many a big day but few could top last weekend’s momentous victory.

“I’m very, very proud,” she said.

“It’s been 29 years and I was at Three Rock in 1986 the last time Banbridge brought the trophy north.

“It’s an extremely proud day for the club and a lot of hard work has gone into it from the people before me. There were the likes of Herbie McDowell, Eric Walker, Denny Livingstone, Quinton Boyce. It’s such a big day and I’m very, very proud of the club.

“I’m so proud of everyone. I just can’t believe they’ve done it and brought it home.”

Sheree also pointed out that such a landmark win for the club was also a victory for the Banbridge sporting family.

“It’s a big day for the town,” she said.

“Everybody from Banbridge supports whatever sport is there, be it the golf club, rugby club or whatever. It’s a massive day for everyone who has got behind us. It’s just been fantastic.”

Many of the current Banbridge side have now secured every medal on offer in Irish Hockey and Sheree reckons it’s the best team the club have ever produced.

She said: “If you talk to people about the club, I would say yes. The team in the 80s was very good but I would say these guys are better. The game has changed. There’s more athleticism and professionalism now so I would say yes.”