Thirds are defeated by Harlequins

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Banbridge Ladies Thirds lost out 2-1 to Harlequins Fifths at Banbridge Academy grounds at the weekend.

During the first 10 minutes, Harlequins tested Bann’s defence headed up by sweeper Katie Uprichard, but with the girl’s tackling and superb saves by keeper Louise Beckett kept them at bay.

When the ball was played back up field, solid passing between Bann’s forwards and midfields highlighted promising efforts, especially by Eli and Poppy Robinson.

Bann’s attempts were not wasted as they soon won a short corner where Emma Leeper struck hard toward the goal, however, was prevented from scoring by good defence by Harlequins.

This wasn’t for long as quick passing between Punam McGookin and Hannah Thompson finishing with Hannah delivering the ball strong into the circle where Ashleigh Mitchell made contact and deflected the ball into the goal, resulting in a goal for Bann.

Harlequins came back hard with drives from their midfields and forwards.

Despite best efforts made in defence, Harlequins came onto the scoreboard with a beautiful strike into the right pocket of the goal.

During the second half, Bann held their heads high with good attacking.

Solid marking and defence carried out by Katie Uprichard, Claire Waring and Robyn Calvert helped keep Harlequins at bay, but with 10 minutes on the clock, Harlequins broke through with a strike at top of circle which skimmed past Beckett’s right foot, resulting in the final score of 2-1 to Harlequins.

Thanks to both umpires provided by Bann and Harlequins clubs and a well-deserved player of the match was given to Hannah Thompson.