Win for Cameron as Ian’s the top Wheeler

Cameron McIntyre was top in the Aussie / Pursuit first round.
Cameron McIntyre was top in the Aussie / Pursuit first round.

Cameron McIntyre won the first round of the West Down Wheelers’ Aussie/Pursuit Series last week while Ian Weir was the top placed Wheeler.

That saw him take the first round of the series with four more to go.

Dave Frizz was second for the Wheelers with Brandon coming in third place.

The race started on the Rathfriland Rd via Annaclone, Rathfriland Hill, Ballyroney,Moneyslane, Katesbridge, Corbet and finished at Ballydown.

The weather was good and the course was tough.

The turnout was fantastic with 42 Riders split into four groups.

Another very impressive Scratch Group contained Paul Wilkinson, Roger Aiken, Cameron McIntyre, James Curry, Nathan Mullan, Gavin Magowan, Gary Crory, Stevie Cunningham, Davy McKnight and Lindsay Watson.

The first rider off was Andrea Cunningham on her own and she rode a very good race. Her partner Dee Cantley of the Wheelers is still out injured.

The big climb up Rathfriland Hill was expected to be tough and all the groups were expected to lose riders but it turned out only a few lost contact.

By Katesbridge groups one, two and three had emerged to leave one big group.

So the race was on to hold off the scratch group who were flying round with reports that young James Curry was pulling them up Katesbridge straight at 32mph which was very impressive.

Just past Ballydown school the Scratch group caught the big group to leave a sprint to the line.

In the end, Cameron McIntyre took the win.

With plenty more racing to come this year there has been 18 Wheelers who have taken part while Clive, Karl and Dorothy are still injured,

Next week’s race is another Road Race on the Corbet Circuit starting and finishing at Gibson Quarry.

This week West Down Wheelers are holding the popular West Down GP when riders will decend upon Katesbridge with £800 in prize money on offer.