Results from the last round of Lime Park’s indoor league

SUNDAY February 3 saw the final of Lime Park Equestrian Centre’s Indoor Show Jumping League.

An absolutely fabulous day was had by all, with a great atmosphere and flowing courses. Prizes were in abundance, with all qualified riders receiving a prize.

Again there were a lot of new faces enjoying the great facilities and saying they would be back. Thanks goes to Mickey McCann Lime Park’s resident course builder for his great course building skills, and also to Katie Dawson – McDermott for all her help and encouragement to the riders jumping, to all those who gave of their help and assistance with entries, pole lifting etc, and last but not least to those who competed in the league for coming and supporting the club.

We hope to hold more shows in the Spring in our newly refurbished fibre surface outdoor arena (weather permitting).

We will also be holding show jumping lessons with Katie Dawson-McDermott contact the office for details.

There will be a dressage competition on Sunday March 3 2013, starting at 11am, with Prelim 4 and Prelim 14, this will be pre-entry only so please contact Lime Park on 028 92621139 or email or leave a message on our Facebook page.

BEGINNERS: Madison Jowett – Milo, Georgia Cocking – Jenny, Ella Heron – Pepsi, Sarah Agnew – Paddy, Craig Carson – Nibbles, Roise Digney – Flash, Carly Quinn – Danny, Rebecca Coulter – Tabs, Lindsey Megarry – Apache, Alex McMaster – Miles, Abbie McMillan – Echo, Harry McMillan – Dillon, Beth Guiney – Case, Chloe Brophy – Rock Me Amadeus, Chloe Rainey – Holly, Rebecca O’Flaherty - Blackie

50cms PONIES: Madison Jowett – Milo, Abbie McMillan – Echo, Ella Heron – Pepsi, Amber Lucas – Milo, Hannah Corey – Zuko, Sarah Agnew – Paddy, Rebecca Coulter – Tabs, Anna Curran – Toby, Chloe McKinstry – Angel, Roise Digney – Flash, Carly Quinn – Danny, Alex McMaster – Miles, Chloe McKinstry – Spirit, Beth Guiney – Case, April Richardson – Tilly, Lindsey Megarry – Apache, Rebecca O’Flaherty – Domino, Georgia Cocking – Nibbles, Beata Powell - Peppermint Pony, Chloe Rainey - Holly

65cms PONIES: Anna Curran – Toby, Chelsie Best – Oliver, Sarah Agnew – Paddy, Hannah Corey - Zuko, Ella Heron – Pepsi, Madison Jowett – Milo, Amber Lucas – Milo, Emma Bradford – April, Chloe McKinstry – Angel, Chloe Rainey – Holly, Natasha McConkey – Lennamore Mojo

80cms PONIES: Tamar Hylands - Mystic Dream, Chelsie Best – Oliver, Sarah Agnew- Tabs, Leigh Camlin – Wadi, Anna McStravick – Lily, Kira Breen – Peaches, Beata Powell- Peppermint Pony, Natasha McConkey – Lennamore Mojo

90cms PONIES: Leigh Camlin – Wadi, Anna McStravick – Lily, Beata Powell- Peppermint Pony

70cms HORSE: Siobhan Black – Oscar Rua, Katie Graham – Joey

80cms HORSE: Hannah Gray – Big Bird, David Collins – Trixie, June Ellenburg – True Love, Siobhan Black – Oscar Rua, Emma Harris – Apollo

90cms HORSE: Hannah Gray – Big Bird, Billy Stevenson – Oscar, Rachel Hall – Poppy, Erin McCullough – Fabulous, Katy Graham – Joey, David Collins – Trixie, David Agnew – Boris, Katie King – Frank, Emma Cammore – Millie, Sarah Morcombe – Oscar, Leigh Camlin – Wadi

1.00mt HORSE: Rachel Conn – Kilmore Diamond Lass, David Agnew – Boris, Conor Stevenson – Duke, Rachel Hall – Poppy, Katie King – Frank, Abbie, Gina, Emma Cammore – Millie, Erin McCullough – Fabulous, Jodie Richardson - Rose

1.10mt HORSE: Rachel Conn – Kilmore Diamond Lass, Conor Stevenson – Duke, David Agnew- Boris, Katie King – Abbie, Frank, Jodie Richardson - Rose