This week’s results from the local bowling rinks

GILFORD R.B.L took full points against the Pavilion - Gilford R.B.L 42-22 Pavilion

Rink: 1 J.Broome, P.Moore, B.Wisener, C.Broome 12-2 G.McAleenan, T.McDowell, M.Ward, D.Moles; Rink 2: L.McBurney, A.McBurney, J.Murtagh, A.Magennis 8-7 D.Preston, K.Kennedy, F.Dolan, C.Wilson; Rink 3: E.McClean, N.Wisener, A.Wisener, S.Dunn 13-5 E.Whyte, J.McCullough, J.Hamilton, K.Stewart; Rink 4: T.McGivern, Alix.Wisener, S.O’Hare, T.Adamson 9-8 D.Thomson, G.Anderson, V.Newall, P.McClatchey.

Annaclone had a good win at home against the Leisure Bowlers: Annaclone 55-25 Leisure Bowlers

Rink 1: B.Mullholland, M.O’Neill, P.McKernan, J.Higgins 16-5 L.Heaney, P.Jones, B.Elliott, J.Scott; Rink 2: D.McArdle, A.Pyres, P.Pyres, M.Wallace 18-7 J.Neill, I.Andrews, A.Mooney, H.Barr; Rink 3: V.Mullholland, H.McAvoy, M.McAvoy, J.McConville 13-5 A.McCreanor, A.McMullan, N.Cochrane, L.McCreanor; Rink 4: J.McNeill, H.McAvoy, T.McGivern, N.Kerr 8-8 J.Finney, F.Martin, J.Barr, S.Kidd.

St.Colman’s good run continues - St.Joseph’s 30-46 St.Colman’s

Rink 1: J.Morris, R.Sterritt, H.Dillon, L.Magennis 5-15 E.Byrne, T.McCartin, C.Wilson, P.Convery; Rink 2: J.Magennis, Rog.Magennis, C.Rooney, C.Dillon 6-14 D.Funnell, L.McAvoy, M.Wilson, P.Tumilty; Rink 3: C.Savage, P.Rooney, Ron.Magennis, B.Murphy 15-9 F.O’Dowd, N.Quinn, A.Magee, G.Chambers; Rink 4: A.O’Loughlin, F.Watters, P.Linden, S.Murphy 4-8 C.Owens, J.Owens, B.Wilson, P.Moore.

Ballyvarley continue to move up the league: Ballyvarley 44-25 Down Shoes

Rink 1: J.Stewart, D.Lennon, J.McAvoy, S.Byrne 10-7 C.Byrne, D.Fitzpatrick, R.Tumilty, K.Sands; Rink 2: V.Stewart, A.Donald, G.McGarry, S.McGivern 13-8 D.Small, D.Rea, C.Boyle, M.Campbell; Rink 3: J.Lennon, P.J.Johnston, C.McDermott, M.McGrath 10-7 A.Murphy, B.McCoy, S.Lively, Mark Campbell; Rink 4: B.Donald, G.O’Neill, G.McGrath, K.O’Neill 11-3 E.Neill, S.McFadden, J.O’Hare, K.McCoy.

Scarva Street got half a point at Magherally: Magherally 55-23 Scarva St

Rink 1: I.Montgomery, P.Martin, S.Scott, J.Martin 13-8 E.Smyth, A.Campbell, H.Shannon, K.Stevenson; Rink 2: A.Anderson, A.Ingram, H.Steenson, D.McAuley 18-1 H.Shepherd, E.Dickson, N.Craig, J.Dickson; Rink 3: G.Beggs, N.Craig, I.McBride, S.McBride 13-3 E.Gibson, M.Campbell, D.Nelson, W.Kinnin; Rink 4: M.Adair, E.Robb, K.Smith, L.Martin 11-11 F.Hillen, M.Ewart, A.Stevenson, D.Watt

A.S.Tullylish continue to stretch their lead: A.S.Tullylish 53-19 Holm Park

Rink 1: A.Burrell, A.Cannaway, D.Bowman, J.Wilson 15-4 M.Dawson, T.Sudlow, G.Dawson, D.McCandless; Rink 2: M.McAdam, R.Bolton, R.Martin, A.Leckey 14-3 G.McDowell, S.Smith, T.Smith, S.G.Malcolmson; Rink 3: G.McCracken, L.McCracken, D.Graham, E.Campbell 9-5 C.Ogle, L.Aiken, T.Wilson, G.Clingham; Rink 4: N.McAuley, H.Hylands, J.Gray, D.J.Wilson 15-7 A.Sudlow, S.Malcolmson, K.Aiken, J.McKenny.

The 2013 zone championships kicked off with the Friendship Cup competition in Dromore Pavilion. In the ladies competition Pearl Hayes (Clogher) advanced to the final with a semi-final victory over Agnes Donald (Ballyvarley) whilst Marjorie Gamble (Holm Park) defeated Angela Cannaway (All Saints) in a gripping encounter.

In the mens competition Stuart Scott (Garvaghy Pres) beat David Graham (All Saints) and Trevor Smith (Holm Park) overcame Liam Magennis (St.Joseph’s).

The finals of both competions will be played in conjunction with the zone finals on Thursday March 21.

Clubs remember the Zone championships begin on March 11 and you should have your draws shortly.