West Down’s bowlers win

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ONCE again West Down ladies found Armagh ladies difficult to beat when they lost in Dromore last Saturday.

The damage was done in the first half when they trailed by 21 shots. The second half went better for the ladies losing only two more shots.

West Down 37-60 Armagh - Rink 1: H.Steenson 5-11 M.Cassells; Rink 2: E.Robb 4-14 E.Smyth; Rink 3: P.Martin 4-9 D.Marshall; Rink 4: L.Martin 6-6 R.Cassells; Rink 5: A.Polin 6-10 F.McNally; Rink 6: B.Conlon 12-10 P.Beattie.

Some President’s Cup games were played last week.

Gilford R.B.L advanced into the next round defeating Ballyvarley

Gilford R.B.L 44-25 Ballyvarley: Rink 1: L.McBurney, A.McBurney, E.Murtagh, A.Magennis 12-6 L.Byrne, D.Lennon, J.McAvoy, S.Byrne; Rink 2: M.Quail, A.Wisener, G.McCoo, C.Broome 10-6 S.Lennon, G.O’Neill, G.McGrath, K.O’Neill; Rink 3: T.McGivern, J.Broome, S.O’Hare, T.Adamson 15-4 V.Stewart, J.Lennon, P.J.Johnston, M.McGrath; Rink 4: E.McClean, P.Moore, E.McCoo, S.Dunn 7-9 M.Lennon, A.Donald, C.McDermott, S.McGivern.

Magherally surprised St Patrick’s with a comfortable win

St.Patrick’s 30-40 Magherally: Rink 1: L.Walker, J.McClatchey, K.Purnell, D.Carson 13-9 G.Beggs, W.Steenson, I.McBride, S.McBride; Rink 2: I.Dickson, R.Faulkner, R.Serplus, T.Martin 7-6 I.Montgomery, H.Martin, P.Martin, J.Martin; Rink 3: T.Coker, Doris Carson, P.Hayes, G.Gilliland 1-14 N.Craig, A.Ingram, H.Steenson, D.McAuley; Rink 4: A.Gilliland, J.Topping, W.McCullough, J.Gilliland 9-11 M.Adair, E.Robb, K.Smith, L.Martin.

Two Down Shoes cup games were also played.

Scarva St ran Holm Park very close in Dromore

Holm Park 35-33 Scarva.St: Rink 1: T.Ogle, S.Harrison, M.Gamble, G.Dawson 5-11 R.Gourley, S.Livingston, H.Shannon, B.Livingston; Rink 2: M.Ward, S.Smith, T.Smith, S.G.Malcolmson 14-4 M.McCarrison, M.Campbell, K.Stevenson, J.Dickson; Rink 3: C.Ogle, L.Aiken, K.Aiken, C.Sherwin 11-10 E.Gibson, A.Stevenson, D.Nelson, W.Kinnin; Rink 4: A.Sudlow, S.Malcolmson, T.Sudlow, T.Wilson 5-8 E.Dickson, M.Ewart, N.Craig, D.Watt.

A.S.Tullylish moved comfortably into the next round

A.S.Tullylish 57-24 Down Shoes: Rink 1: R.Bolton, V.Leckey, J.Gray, D.J.Wilson 21-6 E.Neill, S.McFadden, B.McCoy, K.McCoy; Rink 2: A.Burrell, C.Bowman, D.Bowman, J.Wilson 11-6 B.Tumilty, K.Tumilty, S.Lively, D.Tumilty; Rink 3: J.Black, H.Hylands, D.Graham, S.Black 18-7 D.Rea, A.Murphy, M.Campbell, Mark.Campbell; Rink 4: N.McCauley, L.McCracken, T.Gray, E.Campbell 7-5 J.Bunting, P.Henderson, M.Ward, M.Bunting.

The following men have been selected to play for West Down against Armagh on Saturday January 12 2013 in St.Matthew’s, Richhill: L.Graham, L.Murray (Dromore N.S), S,McBride, K.McBride. J.Martin (Magherally) P.Moore, G.Chambers, P.Convery (St.Colman’s); R.Scott, D.Scott (Garvaghy); C.Dillon (St.Joseph’s); D.Gilliland, A.Johnston, A.R.Johnston (St.Patrick’s); S.Kidd (Loughbrickland Pres); R.Martin, D.Graham, E.Campbell, D.Bowman, J.Wilson, S.Black, J.Gray, D.J.Wilson (A.S.Tullylish); C.Sherwin (Holm Park);

Subs- I.McBride, A.Ingram (Magherally); S.Scott, (Garvaghy); L.Magennis (St.Joseph’s); D.Malcolmson (Ballydougan); G.Gilliland (St.Patrick’s); T.Gray (A.S.Tullylish).

Please inform the Zone Convenor as soon as possible if unable to play

The finals of the National Championships takes place on Thursday January 17 in Gilford Community Centre. If you’re not playing why not go along to see a good night’s bowling.

The over 55’s championships takes place this week on Friday night in Banbridge Pavilion. Again a good night’s bowling is in anticipated.