Wilkie looks set for another dominant season

What can you say about a rider who completes a 22.43 ride on the Castlewellan Road on a breezy cold night?

West Down Wheeler Paul Wilkinson has once again set the target for this year.

Only West Down’s D Lynas has any chance of giving him any sort of competition and that’s not going to be easy.

To do a 22 on the Castlewellan Road is unreal and shows what form he is in. Second placed rider on the night was the fast improving Matty McKinstry. His 24 on an ordinary road bike was a fine effort indeed but with his new Cosmic wheels in for this week, he definitely will get faster.

Third Wheeler on the night was J Clyde with a 25 but once the big man gets going he will be into the 23s.

A Hodgen and Allister both were in the 25s as well. J Maxwell had a 27. He too is improving.

This week’s race is probably the hardest TT of them all. The Wheelers never get a big turnout for it but word is that there should be a decent turnout this time.

The race is the Loughbrickland / Rathfriland / Banbridge course and it’s as tough as you will get.

This week the Wheelers might have another new rider have a go at racing in Sammy Watts.

Although Sammy hasn’t anywhere near the sort of miles you need, he is prepared to give it ago.

Paul, Darren, Matt, and Andy have been doing really well in the big open races but they are about to be joined by Allister, Dave, Karl and Clive.

With only a few weeks to the West Down GP, it looks like there could be eight riders out of the club taking part.

They are Darren and Wilkie in the A2s and Allister, Clive, Karl, Dave, Matt and Andy in the A4s.

When there is no racing on a Saturday, there will always be a club run organized. These will be in and around 70 to 80 miles without any tea stops.

Anyone looking information on the club can log unto www.westdownwheelers.com.