High-flier Derek Ryan jets in to the Bannville

Derek Ryan.
Derek Ryan.

Derek Ryan will jet in from Ibiza to perform at the Bannville House Hotel, Banbridge on Friday night – and he will shortly be off on his travels again.

Europe, Australia and the US beckon for the most popular singer on the Irish country dancing circuit, but right now his focus is very much on the Bannville where he never fails to draw huge crowds.

“I had been looking forward to going to Ibiza but I am equally looking forward to performing at the Bannville,” said Derek, “On the last occasion we were there we could not believe the distance that some people had travelled to support us and if this proves to be the case again on Friday night I will be more than happy.”

His latest single ‘Cecilia’, originally made popular by Simon and Garfunkel, is proving massively popular with DJ’s up and down the country.

It was after a little persuasion that Derek agreed to do the recording and it is has helped to provide another fillip to his career.

“We were feeling very satisfied with what ‘Pick a Bale of Cotton’ had achieved for us but then along came ‘Cecilia’ and it created an even bigger wave,” smiles Derek.

He will shortly release a new CD but for the moment he is concentrating on a hectic series of dance shows that will take him to all parts of the country.

“I like the dancing sector because it gives us an opportunity to enjoy a rapport with our audiences. It’s tremendously encouraging from our perspective to see people of all age groups coming to dances and enjoying themselves.

“We like to try and generate a feel good factor when we play and we just hope that this transmits itself to the dancers,” added Derek.

Doors at the Bannville will open at 8.45pm with Derek and his Band taking to the stage at 11pm.