Banville date for country singer Lee Matthews

Country singer Lee Matthews with Valerie Dale, Stroke Recovery Coordinator (Southern Trust)
Country singer Lee Matthews with Valerie Dale, Stroke Recovery Coordinator (Southern Trust)

Country singer Lee Matthews will appear in Banbridge, for a special concert next month in the Banville House to support the Young Women’s Stroke Support Group.

The stroke group, which is based in the Southern Health and Social Care Trust, organised the special concert which will take place at 8pm on Thursday, October 6.

As well as Lee Matthews, Colin Elliott, Marty Mone and Brendan Quinn will also be making guest nappearances on the night.

Stacey Hutton and stroke survivor who attends the Young Women’s Stroke Support Group says: “We’re really looking forward to the ‘Sing for Stroke’ night which promises to be a fantastic night. Lee Matthews is absolutely brilliant. All the funds raised will be used to support local stroke survivors like me.

“I had my stroke on January 1, 2014 when I was only 23. The Young Women after Stroke Group has been vital in helping me regain my confidence.

“It’s also been really beneficial to my recovery to have other women to talk too, as we have all gone through similar experiences.

“Our group meets in Brownlow Community Hub, Craigavon every other Wednesday and it’s the only group of its kind in the UK. The group was set up to help women aged 16 – 55 to regain their confidence and independence following a stroke.

“We may have only formed last year but we’ve been busy trying to increase awareness of stroke prevention and the Stroke Association in our local community.”

A stroke is a brain attack which happens when the blood supply to the brain is cut off, caused by a clot or bleed in the brain. There are more than 4000 strokes in Northern Ireland every year. Stroke is the leading cause of severe adult disability and many stroke survivors experience problems with mobility, balance, memory and communication.

Tickets for Sing for Stroke cost £10 and can be purchased by contacting Valerie Dale on or calling 079 4727 3013.

The Stroke Association Speech and Language Therapy and Communication Support groups are based in Banbridge, Newry and Craigavon.