Miss Bikini world title comes to Banbridge

Anita Williamson-Graham won the Miss World NIFMA Miss Bikini over 40's competition.
Anita Williamson-Graham won the Miss World NIFMA Miss Bikini over 40's competition.

A Banbridge barrister has proved beyond doubt she has beauty to match her brains after she finished first in the Miss World NIFMA Miss Bikini over 40’s competition on Saturday in Dublin.

Anita Williamson-Graham, 45, also came second in the Miss World Yummy Mummy category.

Her first competition came in the Fitness Model Northern Ireland championship in September where she finished first in the Miss Bikini over-40s category in the, while also placing third in the Yummy Mummy category.

The mother of two followed this up in October by claiming the Miss Bikini over-40s crown again and jumping a place to second in the Yummy Mummy category.

Anita’s high-pressure job and passion for fitness means she always has a packed schedule.

She said: “I train twice a day six times a week. I’m a barrister so I’ve paperwork coming out of my ears. It can be quite hard to fit it all into everydaylife but I’m quite lucky because if I can’t make it to the gym I can still work out at home.

“If you want something bad enough you make time for it.”

Anita credits Banbridge trainer Michelle Moult as her inspiration for getting into the sport.

She said: “I’ve always exercised and people said I should become a trainer but I’ve no interest in that. Michelle Moult was my inspriation. I contacted her to ask if she would train me in May and I trained with her twice a week from May up until the end of September.

“I did my cardio and posing routines with her. Aaron Donaghy from Ultra Fitness helped provide me with a nutrional plan and a weights plan. It’s great to have that kind of support because this is something you wouldn’t want to do alone. You need that knowledge behind you.”

Anita also enjoys the support of her family - husband Walter, daughter Molly (13) and son Oliver (9).

She said: “They always come to cheer me on. My husband is very supportive, particularly for this competiton as he has saw how hard it has been on me. When you’re training so much and eating boring food it certianly affects your attitude and outlook on things so I’m grateful for their support.

“The kids are great. They’re always in the crowd cheering for me and they come to all my shows.”

She added: “He feels for me and he wouldn’t be too happy with my meal plan. When they are having a lovely meal I’ll be eating chicken or fish or turkey and he knows I want what they’re having.

“We try to work around it so if they’re having a roast chicken dinner, I’ll still have the chicken but not the carbs.”