Pupils’ art work is showcased at exhibition

Caroline McCall, Tara Curran, Eimear McKeown and Mr Justin Edwards
Caroline McCall, Tara Curran, Eimear McKeown and Mr Justin Edwards

New-Bridge Integrated College were delighted that three of their pupils were selected to showcase their work at the True Colours exhibition in Belfast, last month.

Niamh Casey’s GCSE work, Michaela Nash’s AS work and Tara Curran’s A2 work were showcased at the exhibition, along with a selection of the best and most interesting work of almost 80 local students.

The event took place at the Ulster Museum in partnership with the Council for the Curriculum Examinations and Assessment. On display were pieces that had been produced by the students for CCEA’s Summer 2014 GCE, GCSE, AS and A2 level examinations and included preparatory work alongside the finished pieces.

Tara Curran, whose exam work was joint first in Northern Ireland, talked about the inspiration for her project, which came from the theme of old and new.

“I decided think a little out of the box, and so my work was based on new generations being exposed to old technologies, and new technologies being exposed to old generations - so it’s like a reflection of the old and the new through technology and generation which is a really big part of today’s society.”

Michaela Nash chose a theme which she described as very personal to her and said that while the project was very time consuming, it was also rewarding.

“It’s so nice to have a subject where you can express your personal thoughts and feelings which I find you don’t really get in other subjects.

“You have a lot of creative freedom which I really enjoy, even if it is a very big commitment.”

Several other students from the area were also exhibiting at the event including Kathryn Bigger from Dromore High School and Orlagh Casey from Banbridge Academy.

CCEA Chief Executive Mr Justin Edwards opened the ceremony along with guest speaker Ms Caroline McCall Costume Designer.