Over 2,000 parking tickets issued in Banbridge

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Over 2,000 motorists were issued parking tickets in Banbridge last year, latest figures have revealed.

A total of 2,327 Penalty Charge Notices (PCNs) were issued in the town between January and December.

Of the fines issued, 1,388 penalty charge notices were for on-street parking, while 939 parking tickets were issued for off-street parking.

The figures are contained in a new report from the Department for Infrastructure which presents data on Penalty Charge Notices issued during 2017 for vehicles found to be parked in contravention of parking restrictions.

Across Northern Ireland, a total of 94,542 PCNs were issued for on-street parking, and 37,374 PCNs were issued for off-street parking.

The report from the Department states that PCNs are issued for vehicles found to be parked in contravention of on-street and off-street parking restrictions and also for vehicles detected driving in bus lanes and bus-only streets.

“The aim of parking and bus lane enforcement is to reduce the number of vehicles illegally parked on our roads or driving in bus lanes or other bus priority measures. This in turn reduces traffic congestion and helps traffic to flow more freely, assists delivery vehicles, allows buses to keep to their timetable and improves bus journey times, improves road safety and provides accessibility for all road users, including Blue Badge holders,” the report states.

It adds: “The enforcement of on-street limited waiting and pay and display spaces, Park and Ride charged car parks and council operated car parks also encourages a turnover of parking spaces, giving shoppers and visitors more opportunities to find suitable parking.”