Police warning about online drug sales

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Police have issued a warning about buying prescription medication from local Facebook buy and sell pages.

Posting on Wednesday, they said in the last 48 hours they ‘had a barrage of reports of apparent prescription meds being sold’.

They pointed out: “We get these reports every single day, the difference this time being that it was a UK mobile number provided.”

Police added the vast majority of these people will be based abroad, often in Africa or the far east and said: “Whilst we can call them names on Facebook, we can’t touch them, and it’s for local authorities to deal with.

“We frequently share information with other agencies and law enforcement authorities, but you’re not going to see videos of us putting doors down the hallway in Nigeria any time soon. The best bet reporting wise is to report the post to Facebook. It never does any harm letting us know, but again that’s via 101.”

They also pointed out the meds for sale would be cheap imitations: “It’s not ‘prescription’, it’s a concoction of goodness knows what. Prescription meds, if abused, are potentially lethal at the best of times. Cheap imports with some added ingredients are Russian roulette in tablet form.”

Police pointed out: “If they don’t have stuff to sell you, and are straight up scammers, you’ll be throwing your money away.”

And they joked: “If you’re that keen to give money away, send it my way. I’m in dire need of another holiday.”

They added: “Hold the buy and sell sites to account. Message the admins and ensure they block these profiles.”